Patients reveal the most awkward doctor visit they’ve ever had

This is my story. Visits to the doctor’s can be unpleasant at times. Of course, it depends on the problem we have, but in general, hospitals aren’t the place we would ever wish to find ourselves at, unless it’s for a joyous occasion such as giving birth. People ‘reveal ‘awkward’ encounters with their doctors on … Read more

Firefighters Change Girl’s

While working the night shift, Liz decided to leave a message for a pair of firemen on their check. However, she never expected them to return with life-changing news…First responders have one of the toughest jobs there are. What they do for their communities is priceless and we should be very thankful for their dedication … Read more

My In-Laws Started ‘Forgetting’ Their Wallets to Restaurants since I Got My Inheritance. Here’s What I Did To Teach Them A Lesson

When Julia’s mother passed away, she left her a modest fortune out of love. Julia and her husband, David, intended to use the money responsibly for their dream house and Julia’s legal studies. However, Julia’s in-laws had different plans, assuming she became a millionaire overnight. Exploiting this misconception, they regularly left their wallets at home … Read more

Little Johnny And His Daddy

Little Johnny was a seven year old boy. He was naughty, funny and very mischievous. One day, his mom was unwell and he was looked after by his daddy. Little Johnny’s daddy asked him to go to bed as it was close to 9.30 pm. Little Johnny went to his room. His daddy was watching … Read more

Uplifting tweets

What makes humanity going and evolving is the way we care for one another. Being there for those in need and keeping each others’ backs should be a trait shared by each and every one of us. Yet, there is this belief that men stand for men more often than it happens between women. Female … Read more